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Bloated Stars: Part 1 | Episode 112

Although it may not always be at the forefront of our minds, imprecision surrounds us—mostly because of the “us” in this equation, rather than everything...

Our Own Worst Enemy | Episode 111

Barry walks us through Psalm 62 and Luke’s account of a harrowing experience Jesus endures once in Nazareth and again and again everywhere else.  However, the...

Show xor Tell: Part 2 | Episode 110

Christianity is no less susceptible to Pharisaism than Judaism was. The second of two episodes on incarnation highlights Christ’s teaching that we are not...

Show xor Tell: Part 1 | Episode 109

Barry lays the groundwork for a conversation about the strengths and weaknesses of representational and incarnational Christianity. One is more familiar than...

Seeking Answers, Finding God | Episode 108

A broken world has a lot of problems. Our goal then, is to find solutions to those problems, right? Wrong. Our goal should be finding our Deliverer before we...

Colorblindness Rehab: Part 2 | Episode 107

Barry finishes up the conversation about Affirmative Action, covering the topics of quotas, tokens, and barriers to a level playing field. When it comes down...





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