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Caution: Uneven Path | Episode 146

Barry leads us down Asaph’s path (Psalm 73), as we embark on a journey fraught with confusion and envy, doubt and worry. What’s shocking is how common this...

A Poor Substitute: Part 2 | Episode 145

Barry concludes his focus on David’s prayer for Solomon in Psalm 72. Our part to play in the Good News is both simple and challenging: look at God’s holiness,...

A Poor Substitute: Part 1 | Episode 144

Barry invites us to a poignant moment between David and Solomon, when the man after God’s heart passes the kingdom to his son. His number one reminder is to...

Power to the People | Episode 143

Barry talks about the advantages and disadvantages of democracy. While it is certainly most comfortable blaming leadership, we must admit, our leadership...

What Not to Wear: Part 2 | Episode 142

Barry concludes the story of 1 Samuel 16-21 focusing on the Chosen one and how others respond to him. We do have a choice, which both Saul and Jonathan...





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