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Always and for Everything | Episode 70

Many of us have traditions we maintain over Thanksgiving such as thanking God for those around our table or thanking him for something good that has happened...

Power of Poetry | Episode 69

Barry walks us through five excellent poems about love, sorrow, and sacrifice. In doing so, he reminds us that good poetry not only reveals something about...

The Funny Thing about Belief | Episode 68

Barry talks about the many influences on the development of beliefs in an individual, from genetics and environment to an existentialist’s will. However, most...

Remember Me | Episode 67

Ever thought of Psalms as just a book of hunky-dory descriptions about how lovely God is? Think again. Psalm 38 describes a journey from crushing discipline...

Containing Human Beings | Episode 66

At times we can have a negative view of culture, especially as believers because we know this is not our home. Barry talks about why culture, and our...

A Challenge Old as Time | Episode 65

The idea that we have transmitted as much individualism and American heritage in our faith as we have gospel shouldn’t shock us. The early church faced the...





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