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A Show of Good Faith | Episode 156

Barry talks about faith and its destination. Some circles are still contemplating the truthfulness of the Bible. If that debate is decided in favor of the...

Long Story Short | Episode 155

Barry talks through a long psalm, 78, about the longer history of a people’s broken relationship with their God. When God blesses them, they forget him, and...

Denominational DTR | Episode 154

After a recent denominational convention, Barry discusses denominations and our interaction with them. He gives what are reasons to leave, what aren’t reasons...

Down to a Fine Art: Part 4 | Episode 153

A discussion of profanity ends this series about art and a Christian. The focus here is not on the moral impact of using profanity, but an invitation to see...

Down to a Fine Art: Part 3 | Episode 152

Barry continues the conversation of art and the Christian, adding to it a surprising challenge when it comes to the profane. To provide a steppingstone for a...





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