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What Not to Wear: Part 1 | Episode 141

Barry highlights a few details in the story of David and Goliath that may surprise us. David’s strength lies in taking up the tasks he has been given and...

Donne with Death: Part 2 | Episode 140

Barry reads The Day from poet John Donne, where we are reminded of our value and God’s promises through the most somber of occasions. Funerals are just a...

Donne with Death: Part 1 | Episode 139

Barry explores John Donne’s poetry, revealing the dangers and hope associated with death. These poems are a great reminder of why Christ-followers celebrate...

Being the Blizzard | Episode 138

Barry discusses something we should all know but can sometimes easily forget. The more we learn about things like belief, truth, relationships, wisdom, and...

Fight or Flight Control | Episode 137

Barry talks about a less than pleasant human behavior—allowing fear to lead us to control others through rhetoric and conflictual interactions. Acknowledging...

All Day Long | Episode 136

Barry covers Psalm 71, highlighting that in David’s very best moments, what might have looked like his apparent strength to others was actually his dependence...





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