If I’m ever lost in the neighborhood, wave a piece of technology and I’ll come running back. Inexcusably and ironically, I would rather use or fix technology than do something with it; preferring a monitor’s resolution to whatever it displays, an instrument’s timbre to a composition, a lighting configuration to light. When I finish perfecting my computer’s OS and essential apps, I’m not interested in it any more. I exaggerate, but not much.

We may know “the law of the Lord is perfect… the testimony of the Lord is sure… the precepts of the Lord are right… the commandment of the Lord is pure…,” but forget “reviving the soul… making wise the simple… rejoicing the heart… enlightening the eye.” To fawn over scripture but pass over the people it commands us to love, or defend doctrine but ignore the God it compels us to know, is to drown thirsty.

A couple of decades ago I realized the best people I know run past word processors and calendars to words and events; passing knowledge to find faith, love, and hope, and with those work, diligence, and patience.

This week, may our faith become practice, our enthusiasm obedience, our commitment contrition, our reading service.