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Christine Causey HutchinsMy brother wrote you about my friend "Friday", the atheist, who posed the questions that you answered today. What a sweet brother I have to think to send these to you! I actually wrote you last year on FB and told you about my friend who has been attending church who is an atheist and how much your program meant to me...still does. You read this on air - to my surprise! Ha! Your show is an encouragement. Praise God for your work and all those on your staff! For 3 years now, my family and "Friday's" family have been meeting once a month for a pot luck. She finally decided, on her own, to attend our sunday school class and church last June. I proposed that I needed to grow in my faith in December and would she pose questions to me so that I could answer from a Christian perspective. Very quickly, I realized that I did not have the time to give her an answer OR to answer the 20 questions she would have about my one answer. I sent her to "Bob" our Sunday school teacher, but he is answering her questions in a way that I am not 100% on board with. For example he has said, "Friday, I don't even believe that Job was a real person, but that doesn't take away from the principals behind the book." OR "Friday, what I just taught in class could be real or not or the writer could have gotten some of the parts wrong, but that does not take away from the principals of God." (if you want I can send you those emails - with names and emails removed of course; I love and I still respect him, but I disagree strongly) YIKES. She wrote back a few emails, asking me if I felt the way he did. I said no - in a nice way - with out disrespecting "Bob". She, on her own, has set up a meeting with our pastor this Super Bowl Sunday. I have made sure that our pastor is in the "know" with all her questions and unfortunately, with what she has been told about the principals thing (I omitted Bob's name). Last communication, she communicated to me that she is frustrated. How can she argue with someone who doesn't believe everything in the Bible is real? Good question!! UGH! To conclude, I know all this did not go down as smoothly as I would have planned it (I can't answer the questions and my Sunday school teacher minimizes the Word - shocking!) but God is sovereign, in control - and I will continue to pray and petition Him to crazy convict her hard heart. Lee Strobel's wife prayed Ezk 36:26 for him for two years, so I have been praying this for close to 3 years now for Friday and her hubby. I will just keep on having dinners with them every month (she, her husband, and son), loving them, and talking about what Jesus is doing in my life. Feel free to talk about any of this. Again, you have faithful listeners who appreciate you.
01/31/11 @ 21:17
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