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My site was hacked and demolished.

My site was hacked and demolished.

Written by:bcreamer
Published on January 7th, 2011 @ 04:05:00 pm , using 130 words, 8347 views
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Fortunately, that destructive act means four good things:

  • First: Christian theology is right about human nature. People are bad. They can be redeemed, but that point is not made by hackers!
  • Second: All the time and space I spend backing things up isn't wasted.
  • Third: We are not in the middle of a semester with half of mid-terms done and grades not backed up. I had just deleted and begun to replace my education software anyway, so I'll just give it a completely new start with the new semester.
  • Fourth: I needed to start fresh with my blogs anyway---perhaps even find a way to consolidate all my radio, personal, and education posts in a more manageable system.

I hope to have the new interface up and running successfully by January 17.

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